Month of Cybersecurity Awareness


October 1, 2018.  THE INTERNET SOCIETY Cybersecurity SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP (CYBERSECURITYSIG) joins the global initiative to celebrate in  October  the Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

According to the World Internet Stats site the growth of internet has reached 4.2 billion users.  Internet is a great source of informations, knowledge, education, innovation and services to society in general.  The digital transformation process has become a revolution, where different Emergent Information Technologies  (EIT) are present everywhere connected to internet such as: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Autonomous Vehicles, Internet of Things (IoT), 3D Printing; generating data which are massively stored in the Cloud; with interfaces (API) to process it using Big Data algorithms to generate commercial value.

But how do this digital services and content providers create trust in their community of customers? How do we avoid that my information reach malicious people with hidden criminal reasons? These EIT, what are the risks related to the adoption to strength my business models and innovation process?

Scientists, technicians and specialists in Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) has been creating knowledge thru time in order to secure information systems, prevent unauthorized users to access sensitive data and the continuity of services (Cybersecurity); but it is not enough.  Users must be aware of the risks, and have to keep themselves informed about them.  And also of different tools available to protect their privacy and their data.

In this month we will be launching different webinars to address these Cybersecurity issues, and keep you informed about the current trends and risks related to EIT.